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Server Information

Reborn Ragnarok Online, a competitive ragnarok online community. Immerse in to the Ragnarok world where you experience level grinding with Reborn System that gives you additional stats to strengthen your character with a max reborn of 3. The higher your reborn, the harder it is to level up. Tons of quests that can be done, and all donations are obtainable thru quests, a very Play-To-Win Server. Active and friendly GM staff with daily events. Please read our "Terms of Service" before playing our game


  • Max Level 255/120 Pre-Renewal
  • Trans Class + Ninja / Gunslinger / Star Gladiator
  • Max Aspd 195 150Dex for No Cast
  • Rates 1000x/1000x/500x
  • Normal cards 10%, Boss/Mini Boss 5%, Rare cards 1%
  • Hourly quests, theres always something to do with the server
  • Automated and GM Hosted events
  • MVP Warper / Gold Room / Branch Room
  • Gepard Shield 3.0 Security
  • Dual Client with DDoS protection

  • Gondul
    Tuesday 8pm - 9pm
  • Swanhild
    Thursday 8pm - 9pm
  • Fadhgridh
    Saturday 8pm - 9pm
  • Kriemhild
    Sunday 8pm - 9pm
ChocoIate Factory




  • Sungit

  • lDominol

  • Cannabis

  • Governor Gwen Garcia